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The IFIDZ experts are experienced conference speakers on the topics of “Leading and networking in the digital age”, “Digital Leadership” and “Digital Transformation”. From time to time, we also organise speeches, series of talks or panel discussions ourselves – often in collaboration with external business partners.

Alpha Intelligence®: Leadership in a digital age

Globalisation, the generation Y and the digital change already pose different and more complex challenges to leaders than in the past. How can I successfully master those as a leader?

One thing is certain: in the digital age, leaders need partially new competences. They need to become alpha-intelligent personalities who present themselves as a strong brand, act and communicate empathetically and strategically build and maintain networks.

What this means for leadership development and actions in detail is outlined in this talk.

Digital doesn’t matter … People remain people – leadership is the key.

In the digital age, many things change at record speed – especially in business. Many leaders are flustered – in this increasingly interlinked world, they are suddenly confronted with new challenges and questions such as: Which impacts do the increasing complexity and interconnectedness have on leadership? Which leadership behaviour will be required in the future? And: how can I create enthusiasm amongst my staff – and in particular digital natives – for me, my ideas and plans?

But there’s no need to panic, because there is one thing that doesn’t change, even in the digital age: the human being with its basic needs. As it were, it’s the compass giving leaders the opportunity to constantly readjust their actions in the digital age. Creating this awareness is the objective of this talk.

Digital leaders are real brands

In times of major change, people are in search of stability and orientation – and this also applies to the employees of a company. But who will provide them with this stability in the VUCA world in which not only the strategies of companies change rapidly, but also their structures? Ultimately, only their leaders can do so. They need to develop into real leaders – personality brands recognisably representing certain values and convictions and conveying credibility and with that trustworthiness based on their behaviour.

How to become a personality brand and digital leader is what the audience will find out in this talk.

Networking in the digital age

Modern information and communication technology continuously opens up new ways to communicate. At the same time, this also means that the (communicative) expectations of our partners change – no matter whether they are customers, staff or colleagues. This has an effect on how contact is initiated, relationships are established and expanded, as well as how (business) networks are set up.

This talk explains how establishing valuable (business) relationships and strategic networks in the digital age can be done successfully.

Digital Leadership: mastering the digital transformation

“Digital Transformation” – the currently most frequently used term when it comes to talking about the development of companies. But although almost all consultants, executives and (project) managers demand a digital transformation of their and other companies, only few of them know what this really means for their daily work and business. And they are even less clear about how digital transformation – for example of the business model – can be completed successfully.

This talk gives the audience an idea of how digital transformation of companies and business units can turn out well, and which milestones need to be passed along the way.

Many things change. So what?

People and teams react to change differently. Whilst some see the (intended) change primarily as a challenge to be mastered – just like other challenges in the past – others experience it as a threat. Why do people and teams display such differing reactions to change? How can their willingness to approach new challenges heads on and to change themselves be increased? Which role do leaders play in this process? How can they enhance/maintain the change energy as well as passion for performance of themselves and their staff?

This talk provides answers to these questions.

Our company culture: fit for the digital age?

In the digital age, corporate cultures need to transform as well. In addition to a new leadership culture, a new communication culture has to develop. And mutual trust as well as providing open feedback to each other? This should be a given in the companies of tomorrow.

Many business leaders know that. But how do you recognise the degree of maturity of a company’s culture for the digital age? And what exactly can you do to improve it even further? Are evolutionary or revolutionary measures the way forward? Targeted action or reaction? Top-down or bottom-up? That is still unclear to many.

This talk provides answers to these questions.

How fit is our (leadership) team for the digital age?

One thing is clear: in the digital age, the staff of companies – in particular their leaders – partially need new competences. But what are the core or key competences of good staff of tomorrow? And how can we determine to what extent our employees/leaders already bring those skills to the table – in order to subsequently give them the opportunity to develop the competences they are still lacking? Many companies don’t have a clear answer to that. This leads to uncertainties in the selection and development of talent.

This talk covers how companies can identify and develop their employee’s/workforce skills required in the digital age.

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